What’s the hype? Lorde, Robin Thicke, beanies in summer and overpriced coffee

by Trudie

This is my third post today, but there’s just so much I don’t understand that I feel like I need to get it all out there in the open. I’m a confused person, I can’t help my curiosity.

Let’s start off with the hype around some “pop culture”. Lorde. What’s the go? I just don’t get it. Her first single was cool, it was original, it was fresh and it was dope as hell. I sung along, like many others, every time it came on the radio. It was a catchy song, Royals. But then I hopped on spotify and listened to the rest of her album. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad album, I just don’t get the hype. Her follow up single sounded almost the same as the first, and then the next one after it sounded the same too. It’s a repetitive cycle, Lorde. I get it, you grew up in a shitty, no-good area and you’re kind of hipster and that’s “in” at the moment, but please, you don’t need to remind us. Also, being mean on twitter isn’t nice. Don’t you read those things in DOLLY magazine about online bullying? If you’re going to call me a hypocrite, look up her tweets. They’re a bit meaner than anything I’ve written here, and to put it frankly, I’m a nobody, and well, she’s Lorde.


Secondly, what the fuck, Robin Thicke? What’s the hype around that song, Blurred Lines? On New Years Day, Channel V had a count down to the biggest songs of 2013, and I bet my family it would be this song despite how much I dislike it. Now, now, I know it sounds like I’m just being bitchy and that I dislike everything. That’s not entirely true, I promise you. Listen to the lyrics of this song, listen to the message it sends. You might be out, drunk and happy when it starts playing and hell, you might want to dance along but please just remind yourself when you’re sober and curing a hangover, that it’s not a good song. It has rubbish sexist lyrics, the beat isn’t that great and there’s nothing THAT wonderful about girls dancing around topless in a film clip – half of the population has a pair of tits (males included here).



Look at this hottie, Robin Thicke before Blurred Lines.

Now, beanies in summer. I’m pretty sure we’ve got classic Harry Styles to thank for that one. BEFORE YOU START TO HATE ON ME, I want to clarify, I’m a massive fan of his – I just don’t get why you’d wear a beanie at the beach. My boyfriend did it the other day and it annoyed me so much because it was 40-fucking-degrees outside, and you know what, he wasn’t the only d-head at the beach wearing one. Put the beanie back in the cupboard for winter, it’s not cold outside, nobody gives a shit if you’ve got beach hair, you’re at the beach, not a fashion parade.

And this rant concludes with: overpriced coffee. I’m a VIP member for both Starbucks and Gloria Jeans. I love coffee so much. I love it from franchise shops, I love it from tiny little cafes where it’s a bit burnt. But what the hell kind of VIP treatment am I getting if I pay $8 a coffee? That’s such a rip-off. I’m a uni student, not Caggie Dunlop. Believe me, if I could afford my own wonderful machine (not those crap pod-things; an actual machine, milk frother and all) then I would go out and buy one, but I can’t and that’s why I’m annoyed about $8 coffee. It’s wrong. It’s a disgrace. Coffee beans ARE NOT that expensive, and I would know because I work in a restaurant that serves coffee, and milk is only $3 a bottle at Coles, so please, Starbucks, tell me what I’m paying for, because I’m dumbfounded.

I’m not a fan of popular culture.